Foster Kittens in Japan

Jamie, Chekov, and siblings

Posted by lemurkittens on June 10, 2010

The black and tiger kittens are getting bigger, but I’m not caught up on uploading their videos.

Here is Jamie playing with her siblings in the litter box.

It’s hard to tell them apart in the videos, but here you can see Chekov’s curly tail as he disappears under the cage.

Lots more videos of these guys and Lizzie on my YouTube page.


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Lizzie and Atticus

Posted by lemurkittens on June 10, 2010

Here are Lizzie and her brother Atticus. Lizzie is the black fluffy one. Her brother has been adopted but she is still looking for a new home!

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Today kittens got a new cardboard box

Posted by lemurkittens on May 18, 2010

Their old box was getting dirty. They aren’t good at using the litter box yet.

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